The City

The City of Walnut Grove is a picturesque town with a population of about 1300 nestled in the heart of Georgia's Walton County.




City Council Meeting

Every 2nd Thursday

7:00 PM

City Municipal Building

1021 Park Street

Loganville, GA
(Walnut Grove)

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City Hall

Walnut Grove City Hall
2581 Leone Avenue
Loganville, GA 30052
(Walnut Grove, Georgia)
(770) 787-0046 Mayor Lamar Lee
email: The Mayor


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City Tax Proposal

Passed, Sept 18, 2017

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Municipal Court

Walnut Grove Municipal Court is now able to accept credit cards.

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Our People & Places


Whether you talk to our Mayor, our council or the citizens of Walnut Grove, all have one thing in common, they enjoy being a part of the community of Walnut Grove, Georgia.


We are a town of hospitable people, willing to go out of our way to assist newcomers and established citizens.


Our schools are excellent and on the desired list of places to have your children attend.


Come visit and you'll want to stay.

Our Stories

Town residents believe Thomas Evans settled the community at the crossroads of Loganville, Social Circle, Covington and Conyers because of the inviting shade of a group of walnut trees. 


Locals also fondly remember Atlantan Dr. Grady E. Clay, whose attachment and care his childhood town remained steadfast.



The town is also the birthplace of the famous blues musician Robert Hicks, more commonly called Barbecue Bob, creator of "Barbecue Blues," which sold 15,000 copies when it came out.



We are also the birthplace of Ms. Bazoline Estelle Usher. She was a teacher, principal (which was a pretty big deal for a woman at the time, especially an African-American woman!) and she became the Supervisor of Education for Minority Pupils in Atlanta, Georgia. She also led the group of about 25 women who created the first African-American Girl Scout troops in Atlanta.


Future Plans

Read a short excerpt from the UGA Charrette for Walnut Grove.


"Research has shown that people feel more comfortable in town centers where buildings frame the street. As the City of Walnut Grove moves forward in creating a town center new buildings must sit close to the street, framing the roadways, creating a more pleasant pedestrian environment. Sidewalks should be buffered from the business of the streets by treelined medians and wide sidewalks."